About Austin Brothers Valley Farm

Austin Brothers Valley Farm was founded more than 130 years ago by the Austin family. At that time, farms were numerous in Western Massachusetts, with dairy the mainstay. Milk production was the livelihood of Austin Farm until 2006. Then the economy changed. But the Austin family's commitment to farms and "buy local" continued to remain strong.

Austin Farm is situated on 130 acres of green pasture and is operated by the fourth and fifth generation of Austins, with the home front being the center for Austin Family gatherings. Backed by tradition and family dedication, Bill, Roxanne, Michael and Kathy have transitioned from dairy farming to raising beef and pork.

Our cattle are raised naturally on green pasture, fed hay, silage and fresh water. No hormones or feed additives are used. Our beef is USDA inspected and dry aged for 14-21 days for tenderness and taste. We offer a wide variety of cuts to fit anyones taste and budget. Visit our farm store by calling Michael at 413-668-6843 or find us at the Amherst Farmers Market on the common from mid April -November or at the Middle School from December-March.  South Hadley Farmers Market on Thursdays from 1:00-6:00.
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